WorldSkills offers hope to ‘lost generation’

3:27pm Wednesday 2nd September 2009

The plight of school leavers facing up to the bleakest job market since the days of the Wall Street crash of 1929 has thrown into the spotlight the pressing need to ensure young people obtain high-quality vocational training.

Straight advice for apprentices

5:28pm Tuesday 1st September 2009

The National Apprenticeship Service today launched a partnership with to provide an informal online mentoring service for apprentices.

Local project gives young people the kickstart they need

12:40pm Tuesday 18th August 2009

Young people in the Black Country are benefiting from a project which aims to tackle the large number of 16 to 18 year olds not in employment, education or training (NEET).

Counting cost of snow

11:48am Monday 9th February 2009

THE extreme weather will cost British industry millions of pounds as workers were told to stay at home rather than attempt a tortuous journey to the office.

Benefits families on more than average take-home pay

7:00am Saturday 3rd January 2009

SOME 140,000 families are raking in more in benefits than the average take-home salary, it has been revealed.

Workers taking packed lunches to beat crunch

7:00am Saturday 3rd January 2009

EMPLOYEES are increasingly likely to tuck into packed lunches at work as the credit crunch continues to bite, a new survey reveals.

When dole queue became reality for thousands

Bromsgrove Advertiser: When dole queue became reality for thousands

7:00am Saturday 3rd January 2009

THE credit crunch became a grim reality for millions of people in 2008 as the UK slid into recession and tens of thousands joined the dole queue.

Tackling unemployment is Brown’s priority for 09

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Tackling unemployment is Brown’s priority for 09

11:14am Wednesday 24th December 2008

Government spending programmes brought forward in a bid to beat the recession will provide employment for at least 100,000 people in the current difficult economic times, Gordon Brown says.

Beat the CV rush

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Beat the CV rush

11:10am Wednesday 24th December 2008

WITH experts predicting that two million people could be jobless by Christmas, now could be the time to send out your CV.

Questioning the benefits

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Questioning the benefits

7:00am Saturday 20th December 2008

AS the recession takes hold and jobs are scarce, the Government is working on new plans to get people off benefits and into work.

More jobs at risk next year

7:00am Saturday 13th December 2008

JUST when you thought it couldn’t get worse, several studies reveal bleak times ahead for the service, retail, distribution and construction industries.

TUC calls for £6.10 minimum wage

7:00am Saturday 6th December 2008

THE minimum wage should increase to £6.10 an hour next year and to £6.50 in 2010 and the age for being paid the statutory adult rate should be lowered, the TUC says.

More cash to take apprentices

7:00am Saturday 6th December 2008

EMPLOYERS are to be offered more money to take on apprentices under moves to increase the number of trainees to fill skills gaps.

Workers 'tired of emails'

7:00am Saturday 6th December 2008

WORKERS are becoming tired of receiving and writing so many emails and are increasingly favouring face-to-face communication, according to a new report.

Plumbers and electricians 'happiest in their work'

7:00am Saturday 6th December 2008

Plumbers and electricians are most likely to find their jobs stimulating, while human resources staff are likely to be the unhappiest workers, according to a new study.

Manufacturing jobs hard hit

7:00am Saturday 6th December 2008

MANUFACTURING is heading for a recession as serious as the one which decimated the industry a decade ago after new research revealed that the outlook had taken a “significant” turn for the worse, a gloomy new report warns.

Four out of five fear for jobs

7:00am Saturday 29th November 2008

FOUR out of five workers fear they will lose their jobs as recession looms, while most struggle on their current salary, according to new research.

Getting your short-term fix

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Getting your short-term fix

7:00am Saturday 29th November 2008

IT could be the chance of a lifetime or your worst nightmare – but the credit crunch means that companies will be much more likely to offer employees short-term contracts rather than permanent jobs, new research has found.

Working mums’ balancing act

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Working mums’ balancing act

7:00am Saturday 22nd November 2008

NO new mum finds balancing work and childcare easy. Even the rich and beautiful actress Angelina Jolie admitted last week she intends to focus on her six children, rather than her career for the next few years.

Gloomy outlook on jobs

7:00am Saturday 15th November 2008

Job creation is at a "virtual standstill" as employers become increasingly gloomy about prospects for the economy in the wake of the worsening downturn, while smaller firms are cutting staff for the first time in 18 months, new research has revealed.

In search of serenity – at work

Bromsgrove Advertiser: In search of serenity – at work

7:00am Saturday 15th November 2008

WHEN it comes to serenity, work is often the last place you'd think to find it. But employees who are "self-connected" and demonstrate an "inner serenity" are more resistant to stress, accept the unpredictability of modern business life, promote harmony and energy and are better workers as a result, a new study has found.

Misery of workplace stress

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Misery of workplace stress

7:00am Saturday 1st November 2008

STRESS or overwork are being reported to union safety reps in offices and factories across the UK, especially among the government's own employees, new research shows.

Are you working in your dream job?

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Are you working in your dream job?

7:00am Saturday 25th October 2008

Research from fish4jobs ( can confirm that despite most Brits not working in their dream job (86%), we are actually quite content with our lot. Most of those interviewed said that they wouldn’t retrain to get their dream job (57%).

Students forced to work

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Students forced to work

7:00am Saturday 25th October 2008

IT SEEMS that the much-maligned student layabout – who chooses to lie in rather than attend lectures, then spends all their loan at the pub – is now only the stuff of legend.

Embrace the recession

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Embrace the recession

7:00am Saturday 18th October 2008

THE GLOBAL economic downturn has seen 138,000 Britons lose their jobs in the three months leading up to July, with another 300,000 expected to be made redundant over the next year.

Fears of ID fraud at work

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Fears of ID fraud at work

7:00am Saturday 11th October 2008

THREE-QUARTERS of British employees believe their company is failing to do enough to protect them from ID fraud, new research claims.

From baby to boardroom

Bromsgrove Advertiser: From baby to boardroom

5:01pm Thursday 9th October 2008

GOING back to work for the first time after having a baby is a daunting experience for any mum, however you feel about your job.

How to survive the redundancy blues

7:00am Saturday 4th October 2008

The jobs market is an interesting and busy place to be right now. We know that some industries are flourishing and recruitment is on the up, with plenty of new vacancies coming onto the fish4jobs site every week (

The changing work landscape

Bromsgrove Advertiser: The changing work landscape

7:00am Saturday 13th September 2008

Glittering glass towerblocks will disappear from city skylines as the traditional nine-to-five grind dies out, researchers claim.

fish4 goes for gold

7:30am Sunday 31st August 2008

fish4, the on-line recruitment and classified website achieves a Gold Award for charity contributions.

Hanging on the telephone

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Hanging on the telephone

7:00am Sunday 31st August 2008

IT’S HARD to imagine life without a mobile phone – that once upon a time you couldn’t call your boss to tell them you were running late or to make that Friday afternoon call to a client from the scene of your late lunch.

Bosses struggle to find a balance

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Bosses struggle to find a balance

7:00am Saturday 23rd August 2008

BRITISH entrepreneurs are clocking up 50-hour working weeks and many are unlikely to take a full week’s holiday this year, a new survey reveals.

Jobs market still buoyant

7:00am Saturday 16th August 2008

RESEARCH from fish4jobs ( can confirm that although recruiters are being more cautious with their budget, there are still plenty of vacancies advertised in the UK.

Stop wasting your time

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Stop wasting your time

7:00am Saturday 16th August 2008

YOU know the feeling - the phone is clamped to your ear, while some inane music is being piped through the receiver and you're getting more and more frustrated.

Asking for a rise

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Asking for a rise

10:56am Friday 8th August 2008

WITH the cost of food and household bills rocketing, we're all feeling the pinch and our wallets are getting depressingly light.

A slap in the Facebook

Bromsgrove Advertiser: A slap in the Facebook

1:00pm Tuesday 5th August 2008

ONCE teenagers would have swapped stories of misadventure and details of their romantic conquests on the phone, at the local cafe or behind the bike sheds – somewhere out of earshot of their teachers and parents.

Save our secretaries

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Save our secretaries

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

MAKING your boss a cup of coffee is one thing but buying his wife’s birthday present is a step too far, according to a Save Our Secretaries campaign.

Asking the right questions

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Asking the right questions

10:43am Friday 25th July 2008

EVERYONE expects job candidates to be nervous and there’s plenty of advice out there for interviewees on what to say, what to wear and how to make a good impression.

Why we all want some Sugar

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Sir Alan Sugar topped a recent poll of preferred celebrity bosses.

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

WITH the latest series of BBC’s The Apprentice having last week reached its conclusion, we have seen entrepreneurial hopefuls put through their paces by a positively ferocious Sir Alan Sugar.

Make sense of the workplace

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Make sense of the workplace

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

FEELING lethargic and sluggish at work lately? Find it hard to concentrate or to get motivated?

How to smash the glass ceiling

Bromsgrove Advertiser: How to smash the glass ceiling

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

YOU don’t hear the phrase “glass ceiling” so much any more. Perhaps that’s because women have sent it shattering to the floor as they’ve climbed into the boardrooms of Britain’s biggest businesses.

How to escape the office

Bromsgrove Advertiser: How to escape the office

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

APART from a fast-fading tan, Heathrow airport in the pouring rain and a tiny bank balance, the worst thing about coming back from holiday is returning to a heaving desk that looks more like a rubbish dump than the shining example of tidiness and efficiency you left behind just a few short weeks ago.

How to train to gain

Bromsgrove Advertiser: How to train to gain

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

THE world of work can be a complex one. You enjoy working but want to learn new skills to further your career but the idea of balancing a full-time job and finding the time to wise-up has always seemed far fetched – up until now that is.

It’s getting hot in the office

Bromsgrove Advertiser: It’s getting hot in the office

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

WIND, rain or shine, our obsession with the British weather is age old, and it’s rare to find a day when we don’t swap some nuggets of meteorological wisdom with colleagues.

In search of £38,000

Bromsgrove Advertiser: In search of £38,000

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

IT represents a little over two days’ work for Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, or 10 minutes’ work for Wall Street’s highest earner, John Paulson – yet most Brits would be happy to earn £38,000 per year.

The hours clock up

Bromsgrove Advertiser: The hours clock up

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

A RECORD number of people are working more than 40 hours a week, with northerners more likely to be hit by the UK's long hours culture, according to a new report.

Time to reveal your salary

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Time to reveal your salary

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

ALONG with who we vote for and how often we have sex, how much we earn is something we prefer to keep quiet, or lie about.

Don’t work yourself to misery

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Don’t work yourself to misery

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

A WORRYING number of people are unable to exercise, relax, spend time on their relationships and manage their lives because they are just working far too much.

Would you reapply for your job?

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Would you reapply for your job?

9:50am Friday 18th July 2008

Do as I say...

Bromsgrove Advertiser: New Tricks star Amanda Redman doesn’t know how to advise her 21-year-old wannabe actress daughter Emily Glenister.

3:34pm Thursday 17th July 2008

GONE are the days when children want to follow in mum and dad’s professional footsteps as a teacher or a plumber – and it seems parents are actively trying to discourage their offspring from doing just that.


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