A COLLECTION of lips captured by renowned fashion and beauty photographer Alistair Cowin will be on display at the Artrix.

The collection, created and designed by makeup artists from NEW College, tells a story using texture, colour, light and shadow.

During his 30-year career Alistair has photographed the world's most beautiful women, supermodels and movie stars including Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron.

After years living between Los Angeles, Miami and Paris he is now based in Worcester.

He said: “This was a wonderful opportunity to work with the next generation of makeup artists and push their creative boundaries to the next level.”

Ruth Hancox, makeup tutor from NEW College called the experience challenging.

She said: “Focusing on a small area such as the lips means there is no room for error.

“Then printing in high resolution you need to be technically very accurate which pushed the students’ application method to the industry standard.”

Read My Lips will be at the Artrix from April 4 till May 6 and is free to all.

For more information, visit artrix.co.uk.