ORGANISERS of a special Zumba event are celebrating after it raised hundreds of pounds to help a school pupil, struck by a rare condition.

Lauren Rowles, a year 10 pupil at North Bromsgrove High School, suffers from Transverse Myelitis - a rare disease of the central nervous system.

Lauren is now in a wheelchair after the loss of sensation and movement from her chest downwards.

A Wheels for Lauren campaign is underway to raise £14,000 for a FES bike, which will help prevent muscle wasting in her legs by increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscle spasms and providing a cardiovascular workout.

The campaign, organised by pupils from the School Drive-based school, has held its latest fund-raiser, a one-off Zumba class.

Run by Zumba fitness instructor Stephen Corbett, staff and students joined in the class, which was held at the school.

Overall £264 was raised, which has been donated to the campaign.

Townsfolk can make a donation to Wheels for Lauren by calling the school on 01527 827375.

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