A REDNAL teenager, who stabbed a man five times leaving him fighting for his life, has been jailed.

Gurjyot Singh, 17, was sentenced to seven years in prison on Friday, (January 4), for the unprovoked attack.

A 15-year-old, also from Rednal but who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a two year youth rehabilitation order, a two year supervision order and a six month home curfew, meaning he cannot leave his home between 7pm-9am.

On Thursday a 14-year-old from Rubery, who also cannot be named, was given a two year youth rehabilitation order.

Luke Timby, 15, of Winson Green, was jailed, while a 16-year-old Bournville girl is awaiting sentence.

During a four week trial at Birmingham Crown Court the jury heard how, in the early hours of April 27 last year, the gang roamed Birmingham’s streets goading passersby.

Earlier, while they had been drinking, Singh showed off his lock knife with a three inch blade, saying he wanted to “bang and rob” someone.

Shortly before 1am they came across a 19-year-old student from Surrey, who was walking along Bristol Street with his girlfriend.

As they left a pedestrian subway the gang began shouting abuse at them.

The taunting turned sinister with the 16-year-old girl threatening to “batter” the man’s girlfriend, before pulling her to the ground by her ponytail.

While on the ground she straddled her victim, repeatedly punched her, before dragging her by her hair towards passing traffic.

The rest of the gang then attacked her boyfriend, placing him in a “sleeper hold”.

Although outnumbered the man managed to break away, helping his girlfriend to escape.

Angered, Timby held the man while Singh stabbed him five times in the elbow, chest and abdomen.

The weapon plunged so deep a vein near to his spine and leading from the back of the heart was severed.

Despite the wounds the victim again broke free, running towards his Belgrave Middleway home.

He collapsed metres from his front door and the gang ran off with Singh shouting: “I’ve stabbed him”.

The man’s girlfriend, who escaped significant injury, called the police who provided life saving first aid before the victim was taken him to hospital, where he was placed in a medically induced coma.

Hours after the attack officers successful tracked down and arrested the gang members.

On being arrested, Singh told officers he had a knife in his shoe - later found to have traces of the victim’s blood.

Detectives also examined Singh’s mobile phone and computer, finding pictures of him posing with a sword and knife.

Singh pleaded guilty to wounding prior to the trial, while the other four were found guilty of affray and wounding.

During sentencing, Justice Judge Creed described the incident as a “shocking attack”.

“You show remorse but no one showed concern for the victim on that night - you simply ran away,” he added.

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Wallis said: “Our determination to bring those responsible to justice reflects the seriousness with which West Midlands Police – and society in general – regards knife crime."