A BROMSGROVE engineering student has dived right into an unusual international competition.

Richard Woodward is currently studying at the University of Warwick and has joined an engineering team tasked with designing and building a human-powered submarine.

The former Bromsgrove School pupil is part of a team of eight taking part in the challenge; to build the submarine and enter it into the European International Submarine Race.

The team's watercraft, which is being named HPS Shakespeare, will be tested on speed, design and performance in the competition being held in Portsmouth in July 2014.

The 21-year-old and his fellow team members have big ambitions, as they are aiming to beat the speed record of 8.09 mph held by a team from Montreal.

The students are currently raising money to fund the undergraduate project and have been working with the university’s Sub Aqua Society, which is giving them advice on diving.

Richard said: “The challenge of building a human powered submarine is huge and provides an exciting opportunity for final year engineers to apply many of the theoretical skills we have learnt.

“As a team we are exploring a range of innovative concepts and are confident.”

The team is being supervised by Dr Ian Tuersley of Warwick Manufacturing Group, a research group based at the university.

“The project aims to get students from the various engineering disciplines working together – much as they would need to in real industries and businesses after graduation,” Dr Tuersley said.

“Warwick’s engineering students have done very well in other, similar competitions and we are hoping for a good result with this as well.”

Anyone interested in sponsoring the team can email warwicksub@eng.warwick.ac.uk.

More details can be found on the team’s Facebook page, WarwickSub.