CATSHILL and North Marlbrook residents keen to get more involved in their local community are being invited to volunteer as a parish councillor.

A vacancy has arisen on the council in the Marlbrook ward, and keen would-be councillors are being asked to commit at least one meeting per month to working with the council on issues such as PACT meetings, improving facilities in the village, preserving open and green spaces, helping to maintain the Ivy Gardens and plant bulbs in various green areas.

The council also employs a litter picker, has helped contribute to the refurbishment of the village hall, maintains an interest in the war memorial and cemeteries, and deals with practical issues surrounding street lighting, drainage, improving footpaths etc.

Future councillors may be able to help develop various open spaces within the new housing estates, and tackle car parking problems, traffic calming and road safety, as well as possibly becoming involved with youth activities, music festivals, arts and entertainments of other kinds, and attracting tourists to the area.

Anyone interested in becoming a councillor, or wishing to find out more about the role, should contact parish council chairman Councillor Alan Kelly on 0121 4452574 or parish council clerk Mrs Gill Lungley on 01527 873266.

For more information on the Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council, and the work it does, visit