A BROMSGROVE mother is fighting for her son to be moved out of a local school following a series of incidents that have led her to believe he "just isn't safe there anymore."

Nasim Khaliq contacted the Advertiser after she had to take her five-year-old son, who attends Charlford First School, to hospital with a cut to his head.

"My son suffered a head injury that I was told was only a minor cut but when I went to collect him he was still bleeding," she said.

"He was not cleaned up and had no plaster. I was told he was being monitored but the teacher had just sat him in the corner and carried on with the class.

"I took my son to hospital where the doctor had to glue the cut to stop the bleeding and when I told them it had happened earlier in the day they couldn't believe I had waited so long to bring him in."

Mrs Khaliq is also angry that her son has twice been given to someone the school didn't know when it was time for him to go home. She said that on one occasion the school lost her child and she later found him wandering about on the road outside.

"I just can't take it anymore. I've been crying my eyes out and want him out of there as soon as possible. I can't sit back and wait for something really bad to happen to him before I do something," she said.

"I'm so sick of this school. There seems to be no one who wants to investigate why all these things are happening. I rang to complain but they just brushed it off, I asked for a governors meeting but it never happened, I don't know what else to do."

A spokesperson for the school said: "Our school provides a caring environment where children can reach their full potential and feel happy and safe.

"As Ofsted commented in our recent inspection: 'parents are very confident that the school does all it can to keep their children safe.' "Whilst we cannot comment on specific individuals, any official complaint we receive from a parent or carer is dealt with following our complaints policies and procedures including a formal investigation, the results of which would be shared with the individuals involved.

"We have an extremely committed staff team who genuinely care about all of the children and families at our school.

"We work alongside the children, staff, parents, governors and our local community to ensure the emotional and educational needs of our pupils are met and safeguarding our children at school is absolutely our utmost priority."