TWO prolific graffiti taggers who defaced property in Bromsgrove have been tracked down by police and will now have to help clear up the eyesore they have created.

The two male youths, one aged 16 and the other 17, were visited at their home addresses in the town on Sunday night (March 9) when it was also agreed as part of a Community Resolution that they should each make a £50 payment which will be used to compensate some of their victims.

Police launched an investigation after graffiti tags began appearing on homes and public property throughout the district last November. Following complaints from residents about the damage it was also raised as a priority issue by St John’s PACT (Partners And Communities Together) at a meeting in February.

PC Anna Harding said: “These youths, who are friends, have admitted they were out in the town largely between midnight and 2am causing this mess. Due to the times they were out doing this they didn’t think they would be caught so they were pretty shocked when we turned up on their doorsteps.

“They have been co-operative and there has been an acceptance by them that they have upset a lot of people and put us through a lot of time and trouble. Due to their ages it was felt that a Community Resolution was the most appropriate way of dealing with it on this occasion and it also means that as part of the redress they will be joining a district council cleaning team to remove their own graffiti.

“I’m sure that will also bring it home to them just how labour-intensive an exercise removing this graffiti can be."

Bromsgrove Council’s portfolio holder for community safety, Councillor Margaret Sherrey, added: “The lesson here is that vandalism will not be tolerated in our community. Graffiti costs us all and I hope that by going around with our clean-up team the culprits will have their eyes opened to the effect their actions have on everyone.”