WOMEN in Bromsgrove got to enjoy everything from yoga and reiki, to a free session on beneficial ways to deal with pressure, as part of International Womens Day.

The Wishing Well centre held talks and taster sessions in its yoga studio, as well as reiki and pampering treats in the treatment rooms, while RedSwan Psychological Consultancy held a free taster session on Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with psychotherapist Sindeep Lehl. The session aimed to show women how the combined approach of the two skills could help them to manage depression, anxiety and self-care.

The session also addressed the role of women in society and the various roles they fill from employer and wife or partner, to mother, daughter and friend

Leanne Ling, managing director of RedSwan, said: “For many different personal and professional reasons, especially for women in caring roles, modern day life can be stressful and pressurised; often resulting in conditions such as depression and anxiety. More often now women are also becoming part-time or full-time carers for members of their family. It is essential that we understand and manage our mental health wellbeing and to learn coping strategies to deal with these progressively difficult situations.”

The idea for the talk originally came from Leanne and Sindeep’s knowledge of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) which was developed to help people suffering from recurrent depression.

Annie Dunseith, a certified life coach and emotional freedom techniques practitioner, who attended the Mindfulness and CBT talk said, "A friend of mine with bipolar had briefly mentioned CBT to me in conversation, so I was pleased to discover an introductory talk about it at the Wishing Well in Bromsgrove."