A BROMSGROVE runner is preparing for his worst 'knightmare' as he gets ready to tackle the town's Sport Relief mile wearing a suit of armour.

Alan Caley, 47, who is a Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) enthusiast, decided to take part in the event , which challenges participants to run either a one, three or six mile course for charity, but just didn't think it was challenging enough to do it in his jogging bottoms.

"I'll be happy to finish it alive," he told the Advertiser. "My friends think I'm a bit strange anyway but they've been very supportive."

Alan has decided to do the three-mile run and though he originally started training using only the padded shirt that goes underneath the armour, has now moved on to wearing the two-stone chainmail he will have on during the race.

"I was running on Broad Street and had a conversation with an old lady who was walking her dog. She was so polite that she didn't even mention that fact that I was wearing a suit of armour."

Alan said that even though he hoped he could run most of the course he might have to walk at some points, but would push through the pain and make it to the end anyway.

"Since I've said that I would do it there is no going back; my friends have sponsored me not to back out."

Those who want to sponsor Alan's exploits can do so online at my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/Ragnarok.

The Sport Relief Mile will take place at the Ryland Centre, New Road on Sunday, March 23 and there is still time to enter.

All the money raised goes to Sports Relief which carries out various charity work including helping give shelter to young people living on the streets of the UK, and supporting people abroad by providing life-saving vaccines and fresh water.

People wanting to take part are being encouraged to sign up online, at sportrelief.com.

For more information call the Ryland Centre on 01527 575387.