SEVERN Trent Water has apologised for last night's water supply problems and are saying all Bromsgrove customers should be seeing a return to normal service.

Overnight and this morning, (March 19), some residents lost their supply, while others suffered with poor pressure out of their taps.

The problems were caused by a burst water pipe in Catshill yesterday evening, which led to a number of householders across Bromsgrove, including Valencia Road, Millfield Road, Stratford Road, Royal Worcester Crescent and Chapel Walk, being affected.

A temporary solution couldn't cope with the high demand for water during peak times, resulting in the system struggling to keep water supplies on.

Instead, water was moved around the network of pipes and tankers full of water were brought into the areas affected.

A Severn Trent Water spokesman said: "We're really sorry for the loss of water supplies or poor pressure our customers in the Bromsgrove areas may have had.

"We understand how difficult it is when you don't have water, especially in the morning when trying to get ready for school and work.

"We're pleased to say that all customers should now have their water supply back on.

"When the water supply is first restored there may be some air trapped in the system which may result in lower pressure or intermittent supply - please allow up to an hour for the system to settle down.

"We still need to repair the pipe that burst and we have teams on site working to fix the pipe now.

"This is a difficult location and it has taken us a little while longer than we'd like to actually get at the pipe, due to the amount of water escaping, but we'd like to reassure everyone that we are working as quickly as possible."