A WOMAN from Dodford has told the Advertiser she was without the use of her land line and internet connection for more than two weeks, and she was not the only one from the village who had problems.

Linda Morgan said she made about 50 calls to her provider, TalkTalk, about the problems but heard nothing back.

"The most frustrating thing is they wouldn't give us any information," she said.

"TalkTalk said they would get back to us in 72 hours but in over two weeks we heard nothing."

She said that her neighbours, who use different providers, had been experiencing similar problems with their calls and the Advertiser received other complaints about issues with the phones in the village.

"I'm on the phone and I'm told to press one for this, press two for that but none of the options are anything that I want," added Mrs Morgan.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We are sorry there is a fault on Mrs Morgan’s line. This is because of problems at the telephone exchange, which may have affected customers of other companies.

"We are working with BT Openreach, who maintains the network, to repair the line. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

Openreach, the infrastructure division of BT which manages the network on behalf of different communications companies, sent engineers to investigate and discovered a section of underground cable had gone faulty that they believe was caused by an excessive amount of water getting into the cable.

About 75 metres of underground cable needed replacing and work was due to go ahead on Monday.

A spokesperson for Openreach said: "It is regrettable when Openreach suffers any fault on its network. Every effort is made to restore services to those people affected, which is what we are doing in this case.

"Openreach recommends that anyone affected contacts their service provider who may be able to divert any incoming calls to an alternative number while the repairs are taking place."