A MOTHER has accused a Bromsgrove school of turning a blind eye to her child's special educational needs.

Karen Gwynn's son David, who is now nine-years-old, used to attend Finstall First School but was removed after his mother had had enough of what she calls "arrogance and bullying".

"My son was very distressed at school and I was simply told he was 'different'. I asked if he could be referred to a special educational needs co-ordinator three times but they brushed me off," said Karen.

"In the end he was eventually diagnosed as having ADHD and Asperger's syndrome but the school was so slow that we wasted a whole year."

She added that the school has been completely unsympathetic to her sons needs, for example making him go to assembly even though he was uncomfortable being around lots of children or making him do his top shirt button up when it made him distressed.

"I've been threatened and bullied," added Karen.

"Parents of school children can become isolated and as long as teachers can slap parents down they can do whatever they like.

"If parents don't complain nothing will happen and I urge anyone facing similar problems to stand up for themselves."

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "The local authority is aware of the complaint made against Finstall First School.

"We have supported the head teacher and governing body in ensuring the complaints process and investigation was carried out appropriately.

"We are confident that correct processes have been followed and the school has undertaken its responsibilities in providing suitable one to one support."

Stuart Evans, headteacher for Finstall First School added: "While it is not appropriate to comment publicly on individual cases, we are confident that pupils at our school receive support that is appropriate to their needs. The pupil is no longer enrolled at Finstall First School and we wish him well at his new school."