A MUCH used bus stop in Catshill has been improved with the installation of a brand new bus shelter.

Members of Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council had reviewed all the bus shelters in the parish and decided on a replacement scheme starting in Gibb Lane.

Many believed the old shelter, which was sited outside Catshill First School, was run-down and obtrusive, particularly during school arrival and departure times.

Parish council chairman Alan Kelly said: “We are really pleased with the design and appearance of this new shelter which we hope will prove to be a great benefit to our community.”

Funding was provided through the parish council’s reserve account specifically set up for the scheme and helped by a grant from Worcestershire County Councillor Sheila Blagg.

Bromsgrove District Council assisted by not only removing the old shelter, but also installing a new waste bin.

The new shelter, which has its back against the hedge instead of the road, was installed by Garrick Outdoor Shelters during the Easter holidays.

Headteacher of Catshill First School Paul Essenhigh added: “The bus stop is excellent and has been noted by pupils and parents”.