ONE of the regular winners in the cattle rings at the Malvern-based Royal Three Counties Show has been Bromsgrove farmer John Monk and this year was no exception.

Mr Monk has enjoyed a phenomenal record at the show over the past decade with a string of champion Highland cattle and at the weekend he and his wife Valerie, who run Chadwich Manor Farm, Chadwich, once again came up trumps when their four-year-old cow, Turfrida 27th of Eastol Moor, was selected as the breed’s champion.

The Monks also had two other first places with a pair of cattle selected from classes already entered and for a heifer born in 2013 with Heather 3rd of Chadwich.

Mr Monk is pictured with his winning cow, while in the other picture a couple of fans helped keep mother and child – Turfrida and her calf - cool in the livestock sheds in the sweltering heat at the show on Saturday when temperatures soared into the mid-20s centigrade.