BROMSGROVE residents from across the district are being urged to come forward as part of the Mucky Pup campaign, and highlight the areas they feel might be dog fouling hot spots.

The 2014 Mucky Pup campaign is asking residents to help them by giving their feedback on the worst hit dog fouling locations in the district, so that they can be tackled.

Once the sites have been identified by officers, they will be given a deep cleanse, and then strictly monitored, with Mucky Pup signs being put up to deter dog owners from letting their dogs foul in the area.

Residents living near hotspots are also being asked to be vigilant, and keep an eye out for anyone who lets their dog foul and fails to clean up after them. They can then record relevant details about where, when, and who is responsible, which Bromsgrove District council can use to pursue prosecutions.

Zoe Gannon, community environmental awareness officer at Bromsgrove District Council, said: “There is no excuse for not picking up after your dog and we really need residents to give us information on where the worst spots are for dog fouling. Responsible dog owners often tell us how frustrating it is when people let their dogs defecate on footpaths and grass verges so we want this year to be the biggest Mucky Pup campaign yet with more people involved to send out the message that we won’t stand for it anymore.”

Instances of dog fouling are currently on the rise across the country, with 25 per cent of households now owning a dog. The campaign in Bromsgrove is due to go live from July 1. To highlight an area as a hotspot contact the council on 01527 534016.