BROMSGROVE District Council has ensured as many people as possible will be able to attend Monday, June 30's council meeting of the planning committee by using the Spadesbourne Suite to maximum capacity.

The high profile application for a residential development at Whitford Road is due to be considered at this meeting.

The application is for up to 490 dwellings and small retail (Class A1 shop), two new accesses into Whitford Road and other associated matters.

This application was deferred from the 28th April Planning Committee meeting for further consultations in relation to highways and traffic matters.

In response to the high level of public attendance at the April meeting, the venue for the 30th June meeting will be the Spadesbourne Suite at the Council House, Burcot Lane, which has a larger capacity than the Council Chamber.

The entire legal capacity of the suite will be made available on the night to ensure the maximum amount of public seating will be available.

The council is, however, asking people intending to come and listen to the debate to bear in mind that some of the available seating will be in the balcony of the suite which is only accessible via a stairway.

In order to avoid any unnecessary waiting for members of the public, items 6, 7 and 8 on the agenda will not be considered until 7.30pm or until such time after 7.30pm, when the committee has concluded its considerations and determination of the Whitford Road application.

As with all public meetings, minutes from the meeting will be available in due course.