A MOTION proposed by the Labour group to investigate the building of a Western by-pass in Bromsgrove has been defeated.

The Labour group on Worcestershire County Council proposed the motion that was considered at the County Hall meeting on Thursday, (July 3).

The motion stated that the authority should note the recent submissions to Bromsgrove District Council from the Bromsgrove Society and other organisations, for the by-pass. It also called for a feasibility study into the costs, funding and benefits of the road to relive congestion.

Lead proposer, councillor Luke Mallett who represents Bromsgrove West on the authority, has been campaigning for the by-pass saying Bromsgrove planners had done nothing over the past two decades to formally assess the feasibility of the road, and saying is was much needed as congestion was getting serious.

Cllr Mallett raised the issue at the district council's planning committee meeting determining an application for the building of nearly 500 homes in Whitford.

At the meeting, held on Monday, June 30, the item was deferred in part to see the result of the county council debate on the by-pass.

Opposition leader on the authority Peter McDonald also supported the campaign saying the community needed reassurance the county council's leadership and planning officers understood the problems people are facing in Bromsgrove.

But the motion was defeated by 34 votes to 16 in a move Cllr Mallett described as disappointing.

Cllr Mallett said: "Basically the Conservative councillors voted against it, saying it should go back to Bromsgrove District Council despite county being the authority charge of highways, and the people being stuck in the middle.

"They agreed it is problem that needs solving, but then voted against.

"There are thousands more homes planned - the failure to invest in road infrastructure over the last 10 years could be replicated for the next 10.

"The campaign is not over, we will be raising this at a district council meeting."