STUDENTS from Redditch and Bromsgrove recently got an insight into how to create wealth at a special event

As part of Sci-Tech 2014, at NEW College, pupils were able to talk to scientists, experience practical hands-on sessions, understand how science is used in industry and learn about career prospects.

The event featured two guest presenters – Martyn R Hale, owner of Bromsgrove-based HME Technology Ltd, a market leader in the manufacture of design and technology and science equipment in schools, and Dr Mark Lewney, of the Patent Office, one of the UK’s most acclaimed science presenters.

Mr Hale explained how small businesses contribute as a wealth creator by employing people, explaining that salaries earned empowered them to spend income to buy groceries and pay their mortgages, while all the time providing taxes to fund health and education amongst other state funded services.

He stressed the importance of qualifications, he had left school with virtually none but subsequently worked via night school, and told pupils not to be too concerned about job choice but to focus on what skills come naturally and strengthen those.

Local companies and organisations taking part included Honeywell Hymatic, Rolls-Royce, Alexandra Hospital A&E, National Grid, and West Midlands Police.