TWO Bromsgrove schools joined forces to create work for an art exhibition.

The arts departments at Parkside Middle and Bromsgrove Preparatory schools collaborated on a joint art project earlier this month.

Selected groups from both school were chosen, and worked together to produce creative exhibitions.

Teachers, Laura Singh from Parkside and Victoria Ziar from Bromsgrove Preparatory held two joint lessons that gave pupils from the two schools the opportunity to discuss ideas and creations.

The topic covered was life maps. For the project, pupils researched artists who specialise in symbolic painting. 

The pupils’ creations were unique celebrations of their own life journeys, through heavily textured maps.

Work that was created went on display in an exhibition that was held at Bromsgrove School, the senior school to the preparatory, as part of the end of year art and fashion show.

A second exhibition is being organised, scheduled to take place at Bromsgrove Library from August 9 to September 29.

Victoria said: “All the pupils from both schools found it interesting to compare their lives with other pupils.

"The artwork they have produced is a reflection of their individual artistic interpretation of this process.”