RESIDENTS and members of the church community are invited to attend a service to celebrate the refurbishment of a worship area and organ in Bromsgrove Methodist Church.

Over the past year, members of the community and organisations worked together and managed raise more than £60,000, for the church to complete the renovation work, this included making a focused space for leading worship.

They held a series of events, including quiz nights and an event called Talents, which is based on one of Jesus’ parables, where members are given £10 and told to come back with more. This collected £2,500 for the project.

They received generous donations and grants from the wider church and some contributions came from people’s legacies.

The renovation work includes new and comfortable chairs, some with arm-rests to help those with mobility issues, and more space to allow for easier access for wheelchair users. Hymns, songs, images and DVD clips can now be projected onto screens alongside the focused space.

Reverend Richard Wilde said: “The fundraising activities and church-wide commitment have deepened relationships and enthused the congregations more than I could have hoped for and already our Sunday morning congregation has grown by 10 per cent.

“This building work has been achieved without a reduction in our giving to local and international charities which equates to about a tenth of our annual turnover. I am grateful to God and his faithful people.

“The effort put into fundraising has been impressive and the team has had some novel ideas.”

The centre was built in 1983 to accommodate the merging of three Methodist chapels into one church.

Throughout the week, the building offers a range of activities for young and older people and a public coffee bar, staffed by volunteers, is open weekdays 10.30am to 2.30pm.

The service of dedication will be held on Sunday, January 25 at 10.30am.