BROMSGROVE's UKIP and Liberal Democrat groups say they are 'ready for battle', after Prime Minister Theresa May's shock announcement yesterday that a General Election will be held in June.

Town MP Sajid Javid has already announced he is hoping to stand again, and Bromsgrove Labour said they are welcoming the chance to offer voters an alternative.

Neither groups have officially announced their parliamentery candidate.

Bromsgrove's Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, have this morning revealed that Neil Lewis will be standing on their behalf.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Mr Lewis said: "This election is all about Brexit. It’s a straight fight between hard Brexit Conservatives - meekly supported by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour - against the pro-single market Lib Dems.

"A hard Brexit deal will hurt many Bromsgrove people and businesses and we will be campaigning to stop Mrs May and Sajid Javid silencing their opponents.

"The Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats are ready to battle to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."

Adrian Smart, speaking on behalf of UKIP Bromsgrove, said Mrs May's announcement 'makes for rather tight timing', with just seven weeks to 'prepare and fight'.

Mr Smart said: "In itself the call for a General Election is not really that surprising, especially given the leading position Mrs May and her Government have in the polls at present, and going to the Country will put to bed the question of Mrs May's legitimacy as Prime Minister once and for all.

"At the same time, it will allow her to deal with one or two other pressing issues such as the removal of at least some of those rather vocal, Conservative 'remainers' who are attempting to derail Brexit."

"Bromsgrove UKIP will do its best to unseat the current incumbent and convert Bromsgrove to a UKIP seat in Parliament."

The group are yet to announce their parliamentary candidate.