A CARE home in Catshill had an unlikely visitor this week, when an escaped pig stopped by in search of food.

Staff at Bluebrooke Residential Home first spotted the swine trotting around the Stourbridge Road driveway on Wednesday afternoon, and invited him into the back garden to keep him away from the road.

Bluebrooke activities co-ordinator Max Sanders said: "As one of my colleagues left the building a pig was spotted roaming our driveway. He was extremely friendly and followed her around the drive and then went onto the grassy area surrounding our drive. I was called out to see him and he seemed agitated but extremely tame and comfortable around people.

"I worried that he would wander into the road and get hurt so I opened the back gate and let him through. From then he was jumping up me as I was holding carrots and apples for him to eat. He was walking around the garden in search for food so I gave him more as he seemed like he hadn't eaten for a while."

Bemused staff members contacted the local vets and RSPCA and posted on Facebook page Spotted: Bromsgrove in search of the pig's owner.

An RSPCA spokesman told the Advertiser: "We were contacted on Wednesday after an escaped pig was found in the grounds of a care home in Stourbridge Road in Catshill. An officer went to collect the pig, and the owner located.

"Our officers are called out to collect a variety of different animals and from many different situations, but it isn't very often we get called to collect a pig from a care home."

The runaway hog has since been reunited with his owner.

Max added: "The pig was extremely friendly and I hope it was a happy reunion for all involved."