A DEFIBRILLATOR has been installed at Parkside Middle School, thanks to the tireless fundraising of one of its pupils.

Emily Faulkner, age 10, launched her Every Heart Matters campaign in July, on a quest to fund a life-saving defib for every school in the Bromsgrove district.

With help from her grandad's printing business Focal Image, Emily designed charity t-shirts to raise the cash, and after numerous stalls, competitions and celebrity endorsements, has collected £3,773 - almost enough to buy four defibrillators.

The first was delivered to her school in Stourbridge Road on Tuesday, September 12.

Rebecca Jenkins, deputy headteacher of behaviour, inclusion and welfare at Parkside, said: "We're really pleased that Emily has raised this money to provide our school with a defibrillator. We believe it will be a great asset to the school."

Emily assisted with a defib training session for teachers and staff after school, run by Rob Underwood from the Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation, which provided the equipment.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Emily said: "I think its amazing how I've managed to get my first defib so quickly and am excited to give it to my school. I want to thank everyone who has donated or brought one of my items."

Her next fundraiser will take place at NEW Ravens Rugby League awards night this weekend.

To browse Emily's charity clothing range visit Every Heart Matters on Facebook, or donate at localgiving.org/fundraising/everyheartmattersx.