ARRESTS over death threats at a Bromsgrove home for ex-offenders have forced elderly neighbours to say enough is enough, after living in fear for 18 years.

Police were called to Crossley Walk on Monday morning and arrested two men on suspicion of making threats to kill. Both have since been released without charge.

Fry Accord, which runs the Rock Hill facility for former-prisoners, confirmed its tenants were involved in the incident, and are now reviewing the residents’ licences.

But pensioners Geoff and Margaret Nicklin, who live next door, claim this is just the latest in a string of crime and anti-social behaviour at the property, spanning over the last two decades.

Margaret, age 76, told the Advertiser: “You name it, we’ve had it. We’ve had druggies, drunkards, a stabbing, police raids - all sorts.

“Me and my husband hardly get any sleep nowadays because of the music and the noise. And some nights this goes on until 7am.

“When the housing was first set up 18 years ago all our neighbours had to vote on it and we agreed it could be put up next door. But we were promised tenants would be mature and that they would be supervised and it was fine, but then they started putting these youngsters in.

“We’ve got nothing against Fry housing and we’re not the type of people who complain about everything but why should we have to live like this? My telephone bill is high because of the amount of complaints we’re making.

“We just lie in bed and try to get over it because we’re frightened if we report it someone will retaliate, but we’re fed up.”

Ward member Cllr Michael Thompson said crime in the area needed to be taken more seriously.

Paul Wright, director of specialist support at Fry, said: “We offer support and rehabilitation to people who need it, when they need it most.

“We continue to work with neighbours to listen to, and address, their concerns and take the wellbeing of the community as a whole very seriously.”

West Mercia Police reassured residents it is working closely with Fry, adding: “If you have any concerns about anti-social behaviour please contact police on 101 or talk to your local safer neighbourhood team.”