A CHURCHFIELDS resident’s compensation claims for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal against a Bromsgrove tools firm have been rejected by a tribunal judge.

Julie Tipton of Churchfield Close, made her Birmingham Employment Tribunal claims against Tools of the Trade Ltd of Bromsgrove, which provides tools and equipment for the building trade and other industries.

During a two day tribunal hearing Miss Tipton alleged a boss swore and shouted at her and reduced her appraisal “score”.

At one stage she resigned, later withdrawing her resignation and seeking help from her GP - telling him she had been bullied and harassed.

The GP said she was capable of returning to work but Miss Tipton was sent home on full pay, suspended, then later dismissed for alleged misconduct.

Tim Jones, representing the firm which denied the bullying and harassment allegations, said Miss Tipton was dismissed because of her “disruptive behaviour.”

Tribunal judge David Goodier said there had been no substance in Miss Tipton’s claims for sex discrimination, and rejected the compensation claim.

He accepted, however, Miss Tipton had been called a name and warned by her boss “you have not yet seen the worst of me”.

But Mr Goodier said Miss Tipton had worked in a mainly male warehouse where “industrial language was common.” He said her boss had also later apologised.

“Miss Tipton had smashed a cup while in a temper and we were told she warned her boss she would see him in court,” said Mr Goodier.

“When a new time system of allowing employees to take breaks was introduced we were told that Miss Tipton was accused of twice taking breaks without authorisation, became agitated, banged her head against a wall because she had been kept in a room for so long, and said she wanted to go home.”

Mr Goodier said he believed the employers did what they could for Miss Tipton and that they had acted within the range of normal responses by dismissing her.

As a result Miss Tipton’s compensation claim for unfair dismissal was also rejected.