So yes, people have asked me to blog the answers to stuff they really don't know. A woman asked me in a great deal of worry what teenagers actually do on Facebook. Woman, Do not panic. It's not all that bad. That's a whole separate blog but for those of you who just can't wait here's the Facebook low-down. Really, to be completely honest, teenagers spend their time on Facebook doing two things: 1. Uploading carefully constructing photos of them holding a WKD or Smirnoff Ice in that vital one second while Mum turns around to try and convince the rest of the world that they are having a better time partying than them.

2. ‘Untagging’ photos of them where the carefully constructed photos didn't go that well and they end up looking like a fool.

To master number 1 the 'I'm the drunkest' face also has to be practised a fair amount. The hour spent in the mirror by girls used to consists of letting layer upon layer of mascara dry and then be applied over the top. No, readers, not now. That time has passed. The hour pre- going out is now reserved for practising the all important 'I’m drunker than you' face. The real art of it is being able to do it while sober, not that getting 'totaaaallyy waaaaaassted' really takes much alcohol at all for most teens... what ever they will tell their friends... one unit and they're down.

And number 2, it's just a shame really. RT won't lie to you, there have been some rather horrific pictures of RT uploaded at times so the 'untag' button can turn into a Facebook saviour. For those people who ‘untagging’ become rather a regular thing, I do feel the slightest bit sorry. The 'untag' button can only do a certain amount. 'Untagging' the photo only means that your name doesn't come up when someone looks at the photo, however, the photo is still there and chances are that the person looking at the photo knows who you are anyway. It's just evident that you think you look bad because you've 'untagged' yourself. So they know that you look bad and they know that you know you look bad as no one wins really.

Well? Does that answer your question?

So what is it that YOU want to know? Query me anything and RT will get blogging.


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