VILLAGERS showed their creative flair when they took part in an inaugural scarecrow competition in Fernhill Heath.

There were nearly 40 entries for the competition, which created a scarecrow trail around the village.

The impressive scarecrows included Star Wars' Darth Vader, a Lego-inspired creation, and Halloween scarecrows.

The winner was Eastfield Close residents, who created a family including a baby. Second was Ivy Lane residents' creation of the three little pigs, while third was Chatterbox Pre-School's scarecrow in their garden.

Organiser Megan Farmer said: "There has been some amazing, fantastic scarecrows, and a feeling of great community spirit.

"It has just grown throughout the week.

"It has been ideal for half term with families having fun making them, getting kids away from their computer games, and got them out and about on the scarecrow trail."

The event was sponsored by Fernhill House Care Home, and plans are already in place for next year's event.