DEDICATED staff at a Bromsgrove theatre proved that the show must go on, whatever the weather.

The Artrix Theatre was holding its first live streaming of The Magistrate from The National Theatre on Thursday, (January 17), when the signal began cutting out.

The signal was being interrupted by a snowstorm, blowing the Artrix’s satellite dish out of position.

Realising the problem, Artrix technicians Chris Lee and Tom Jude climbed onto the roof of the School Drive-based venue, and fixed the dish.

But as the weather deteriorated further the pair decided to stay on the roof for the rest of the performance - including the whole of the second half - ensuring the dish was in the correct position to pick up pictures of the play.

Throughout Rob King, another technician, kept an eye on the screening in the venue’s auditorium to make sure their efforts were successful, and kept them informed.

He was also tasked with delivering mugs of steaming hot coffee to help the dedicated pair keep warm.

Fran and Nick Westrop, from Hagley Crescent, were among those in the audience who were unaware of what was happening, only learning after the show of the staff’s hard work.

Fran said: “The cinema began to experience problems with the signal and at one point our evening's entertainment looked in jeopardy.

“For their perseverance and dedication, we salute and thank them.”

Nick Taylor, from the Artrix, also praised the technicians for their dedication.

He said: “The streaming went ahead very successfully largely due to the commitment, over and above the call of duty, by the technicians.

“The audience were appreciative.”

Nick added the Artrix’s next live streaming, of Alan Bennett’s People, is being held on March 26.

For more details see the theatre’s website,