RESIDENTS are being invited to enjoy four wonderful works in one concert.

Farewell My Lovely, performed by the Midland Sinfonia, will be at the Artrix on February 2.

It’s 1772 and the court has its annual stay at the Royal Summer Palace.

Prince Esterhazy, Haydn’s employer, dallied longer than usual and had staff itching to return home to loved ones.

So, our hero composed the Farewell so each musician would leave the stage one by one during the final movement.

Performance completed, the Prince took the hint...

Originally composed in three movements, Mozart completed his offering this evening whilst in Salzburg, some seven years after Haydn’s symphony.

Add a century and we see Wagner giving a delightful birthday present to his wife, Cosima.

She was awakened Christmas morning to the musicians playing on her villa’s steps.

The final piece sees Haydn’s successor at court during 1803 composing his first work for the prince.

Tickets for the concert, starting at 7.30pm, cost £16 (£5 discount and school children get in free when accompanied by an adult).

In addition concert goers have been invited to attend a private viewing of the works of the late Robert O Lenkiewicz exhibition on the same evening.

This will be a unique opportunity for people to view pieces by this increasingly popular artist.

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