A BROMSGROVE veterinary practice is offering cheap pet vaccinations after a rise in potentially fatal diseases in the region.

Clent Hills Veterinary Practice, Kidderminster Road, Bromsgrove, is encouraging owners to vaccinate their animals by offering a complete course of two boosters for the price of one throughout August.

The move comes after reports of outbreaks of potentially fatal diseases in certain areas of the Midlands.

A pet dog or cat that has not had a booster in the last 18 months will be vulnerable to dangerous diseases that are difficult to treat but highly preventable.

Practice partner Alun Edwards said: “It is sad that we are still seeing pets with diseases that are preventable with a regular vaccination.

“Of course vaccination is only part of the preventive health picture, if dogs are missing vaccination boosters they are also losing out on the opportunity for general health checks.”

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the August vaccination amnesty should contact Clent Hills Veterinary Group at either the Bromsgrove or Hagley surgery on 01527 889810 or 01562 883621.