A BROMSGROVE model is featuring in a airbrush-free calendar which is aiming to raise money for a cancer charity.

Adele Rushton, from Deansway, is one of 12 lingerie models who are appearing in Model Kind's 2014 calendar.

After working in the industry for 12 years she got to know and made friends with other models, which led to her involvement in the new fund-raiser.

The models who have posed for images in the calendar are some of the most recognisable in the industry, having featured in fashion magazines, newspapers and adverts.

The founders of Model Kind; Hannah Shetler, Iskra Lawrence and Charlotte Quita Jones, are dedicating the calendar to their close friend Sophia Theodorou, who died at the age of 29 from cervical cancer.

The organisers decided to produce the calendar to encourage women to attend regular routine cervical screening tests, and vital money for the Cancer Research UK charity through sales.

The calendar also features only unairbrushed images, which have been shot around the world, to help promote a positive beauty image.

Digital photography techniques can be used to dramatically change a woman's body shape and give them unrealistic flawless skin. Images using these techniques have received criticism for making women feel insecure about their natural looks.

The 31-year-old, who has been chosen to be Miss October, said: "The calendar is all about raising awareness for women to get a cancer smear test, as well as raising money for the charity.

"There is no fund-raising target - I'm just hoping it will raise as much as possible.

"All of us featured are different sizes and shapes. All the images are unairbrushed, and look natural."

For more details, or to order a calendar that costs £10 each, visit modelkind.co.uk.