A 38-YEAR-old Bromsgrove man who twice broke the trust of people who had invited him into their homes has been jailed for 18 months for theft and burglary.

Trevor Kendall, of Cobnall Road, Catshill, had been to a neighbour’s in Aintree Close to discuss storing fish in her freezer, but he returned later when they were out and stole money and medication, said Matthew Brook, prosecuting at Worcester Crown Court.

He revealed that Kendall was already on a community order when he committed the theft. This was imposed for a burglary at Bromsgrove when he was visiting a house to talk to the owner about pigeons. He asked to use the toilet and when left alone stole cash from cupboards.

Kendall, who admitted the theft and burglary, had a record of 27 convictions for 67 offences. He had ignored help from the probation service.

Lee Egan, defending Kendall, agreed that he had "burned his boats" but had kept out of trouble while on curfew for the first offence.

Judge Christopher Plunkett said the theft of prescribed medication had caused stress and distress to the neighbour whose trust had been abused.

He added that the probation service had run out of patience in dealing with Kendall, but he would allow half of the 200 days on curfew to be deducted from the two consecutive sentences of nine months.