BROMSGROVE’S very own answer to 80s guitar hero and rocker Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Trigger, is set to release a brand new solo album.

The musician, best know for fronting local melodic rock band Trigger, will be releasing the album, called Army Of One, on March 1.

He said: "This album is the follow up to my 2012 album Infinite Persistence, and stays true to my formula of blending heavy guitar riffs with soaring vocals and melodic anthemic choruses. I am confident it is my best work to date.

"I also play all the instruments on the album other than drums and guitar solos, hence the title."

The guitarist added: "And in related news, the release of the album coincides almost exactly with my 40th birthday so 2014 is already setting out to be another big year in the Trigger camp."

Army Of One can be listened to and purchased from, or can be downloaded from iTunes, Spotify or Amazon.

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