A BROMSGROVE cat has found a new home thanks to an observant member of staff at the Blue Cross Centre.

Lena Kershaw spotted Monty the cat about a month ago while she was taking one of the homeless dogs from the centre for a walk.

Seeing an unusual shape in a hedge she went over to investigate and at first she thought Month was dead, but when she went to pick the body up, she noticed he was still warm and definitely alive, although very weak.

Staff at the centre think Monty may have been hit by a passing car and crawled into the hedge to die. He was very dirty, and in a generally poor condition, but he was rushed to the vet and by the time he reached surgery he had made a miraculous recovery. A closer inspection showed he had no injuries at all.

Robbi Chaudhuri, Blue Cross deputy manager, said: “We’re not sure what happened to this cat, he might have lost his way home or perhaps he was discarded as an unwanted Christmas present. He has this air of mystery about him as to how he ended up where he did and in the state he was found in, but he made such a quick recovery. It’s almost like he knew he needed help and somehow knew where to come to.”

Since the cat had no microchip he was taken back to the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Catshill, where he was soon spotted by Lisa Wynn-Smith and her family and has been settling in with them over the past fortnight.

Mrs Wynn-Smith said: Lisa said: "When we first saw Monty he came straight over to us and was instantly purring, he hasn't stopped purring since and he really is the most affectionate cat we have ever known. Since coming to live with us he greets everyone in the same way with a purr. He also loves to play too which is great for our seven-year-old son Matthew, they chase ease other around and Monty loves it. Matthew chose Monty a tunnel toy that makes a crinkle noise, it's his favourite. We all love Monty and will really look after him."

The Blue Cross Rehoming Centre on Wildmoor Lane in Catshill is currently caring for more cats and dogs needing a new home. To find out more about the animals and the work of the charity, or to make a donation, visit bluecross.org.uk, call the centre on 0300 7771460, or write to bromsgrove@bluecross.org.uk. People can also pop into the centre and talk to staff.