A BROMSGROVE man who works in the town centre has accused workmen carrying out construction work on High Street of not doing their job.

David Snell, who works in offices on Birmingham Road, said that on the morning of Friday, March 14 he walked past the Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire County Council funded work taking place in the town centre and saw 12 workers at the site, only one of which he claimed was doing any work.

"I asked them who was in charge but no one wanted to tell me," he said.

"I wanted to know why there was only person working while the rest of of them were doing nothing."

Mr Snell went on to say that he was told the workmen were waiting for the concrete to set but thinks that they should lay the concrete in one go.

"How much is this costing the council?" asked Mr Snell. "This is expensive labour doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine, and I think everyone in the town wants more value for money. They are getting paid and ought to be doing a better job."

As part of the revamp, costing £2 million, natural stone and granite paving materials will be used to create a new main resufaced walkway that, combined with new street furniture, will create a unique avenue down High Street.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "The Bromsgrove High Street work is four weeks into a 22 week programme.

"The contractors, Alan Griffiths, are currently on schedule and manage the day to day detail of the work being done.

"Although we will need more information to confirm who the resident spoke to, the response he was given was in keeping with the work programme.

"We urge residents to put any other queries they have to the customer liaison officer who can be found at the contractors office in Hanover Street.

"Alternatively queries can be left online, via the Worcestershire Hub at worcestershire.gov.uk. "

The county council is estimating the work will finish around mid-July.