A CREDIT management and debt recovery firm from Bromsgrove has become the latest corporate member of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

Controlaccount Plc, based on Hanbury Road, became Bronze Members of the trust’s corporate membership scheme to show its commitment to the local environment and social responsibility.

Graham Ball, founder and chairman of Controlaccount, said: “We ran a competition for our customers in 2013 to choose the theme of our calendar.

“Wildlife was chosen and the process made us realise that the great outdoors and wildlife are something that our clients are clearly interested in so we were determined to see what we as a company could do to support the passion of our customers.

“We researched what charities were involved in the environment in the area and got in contact with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to see how we could support their work."

The trust own or manage more than 75 nature reserves throughout the county and work with local landowners and communities to improve Worcestershire for both wildlife and people.

Delia Shannon, business development officer for the trust, added: “We’re absolutely delighted to have Controlaccount as our newest corporate members.

“The staff are already planning fundraising activities to further support our work financially and help to raise our profile with their clients. With staff members who have swum the English Channel, we’re looking forward to seeing what challenges they will come up with."