A 20-year-old woman who stole a mobile phone from a fellow resident in a Bromsgrove refuge has been given a suspended sentence.

Miriam Majid was living in the women's refuge in the town when she stole the phone from the kitchen area and took items from the other woman's room.

She denied theft and burglary but was found guilty by a jury after a three day trial at Worcester Crown Court earlier this year.

Siobhan Collins, for Majid, said she did voluntary work with autistic children and spends her spare time making wooden toys.

Majid, she added, had left school with five GCSEs and had the potential to be a useful member of society.

Judge Toby Hooper said the refuge was supposed to be a secure place and the offences had a serious impact on the other woman.

He gave Majid, who now lives in Telford, a total sentence of 12 months suspended for 12 months.

She will also undertake a residential requirement of 30 days on a farm project, and will be under supervision for 12 months.