BROMSGROVE residents are being asked to make sure they dispose of their old fridges and freezers in an environmentally friendly way.

Old fridges and freezers left out for collection are being illegally stripped of their metal components, which is causing environmentally hazardous refrigerants to be released into the atmosphere, with the rest often fly-tipped or left behind.

Many older models contain CFCs, which have since been banned for their environmentally hazardous qualities, depleting the ozone layer, but newer models still contain refrigerants which can seriously contribute to climate change.

If fridges are still in working order, people are being asked to consider donating them to charity, many of whom will happily come and collect them. Alternatively they can be safely disposed of at a local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Guy Revans, head of environmental services at Bromsgrove District Council, said: “You could be helping a disadvantaged family by donating your fridge or freezer to a charity such as New Starts. If they can’t be re-used, it is the householders’ responsibility to ensure they are collected by someone with a valid permit to handle such waste rather than leaving them at the roadside for the ‘scrap man’ who may be illegally and hazardously disposing of them.”

Steve Jorden, head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services, added: “Scrap metal collectors stripping or collecting fridges without a permit are at risk of losing their licence to collect scrap metal. We are aware though that the majority of this problem is likely to be due to unlicensed (and therefore illegal) scrap metal collectors. If members of the public see this happening, we would ask them to contact us on 01905 822799 so that we can investigate.”

For more information on local Household Waste Recycling Centres, visit