A PETITION calling for a parish boundary review in Hagley has triggered official action by Bromsgrove District Council.

Hagley Residents Action Group (HRAG) petitioned more than 400 households in west Hagley, that are currently represented by Clent Parish Council, with a view that local governance is transferred to Hagley Parish Council.

A formal community governance review is due to be carried out by the district council and if successful, the proposed parish boundary change would reflect the recent formal change to the district council ward boundaries, carried out by the Boundary Commission.

Councillor Steve Colella, chairman of Hagley Parish Council, said: "We have received a great deal of backing for this campaign, which I am more than happy to support.

"It seems illogical that we represent only part of Hagley and are unable to support or represent residents who live no more than a road width away.

"I’m keen to see that Hagley is a community that is unified and common goals involve the greater area of Hagley and not just a proportion of it."

Cllr Colella insisted the change would not be detrimental to the residents living in the area under review and added: "It will bring the community closer together.

"It is an anomaly that part of Hagley village is being represented by a parish council that is remote from where many residents live. The change would allow for greater investment in local services and amenities directly at the point of use."

Fran Evans of HRAG, who lives in the Clent part of Hagley, added: "I have attended a Clent Parish Council meeting and I didn't feel as if any of the issues discussed affected me, whereas virtually all the issues discussed in Hagley meetings have an impact on our everyday life, whether it be regarding parking, housing developments or supporting the library and local bus service."

She continued: "This just seems to be about common sense. For example I'm sure residents who live in Clent or Romsley wouldn't want to be under Hagley's governance as it would be illogical and they would feel like they didn't have a proper say in the management of their own community."

Explaining the process of the review, Kevin Dicks, Bromsgrove District Council's chief executive, said: “We are now drafting a detailed timetable and process for the review, which we expect will go before September's meeting of the council for consideration.

“After that, a number of formal stages over and up to a 12 month review period, will ensure that the outcomes meet the needs of the local communities that are affected."

He added: "It is important to note that no assumptions can be made until the review has been carried out, and that the council has a duty to ensure that the outcome is robust and sustainable.

"Like the district-wide review we have just completed, it will require wide and inclusive consultation with affected residents and stakeholders in Hagley and Clent.”