AN experienced paramedic told a jury at Worcester Crown Court of the strenuous efforts made to save the life of 12-week-old Isabella Vallance.

Sandra Potter said the baby was lying lifeless on the floor of the flat in Stanley Close, Abbeydale, Redditch, at midday on December 7, 2012.

There was no heart beat so she began chest compression, cleared the airways because the child had been sick and used an ambu-bag to try and re-start breathing.

Miss Potter, who has 24 years in the ambulance service, had arrived in a fast response car with 18-year-old Worcester University student paramedic Emma Childs. The mother, Jessica Wiggins, was distraught and saying: "I hope I don't lose her."

The father, Tyler Vallance, had earlier beckoned them into the flat. His partner said he had been cuddling the baby when she stopped breathing.

Miss Childs said the mother had been crying and screaming. She said that Vallance had the child in his arms and was giving her "a love" when she went pale. The mother kept asking if the baby was all right.

A neighbour with first-aid training, Donna Dyer, called in to help. She described the mother as hysterical, kicking the walls and radiators.

An emergency ambulance took the baby to Alexandra Hospital where she was resusitated.

Isabella was tranferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital but died five days later.

Another paramedic, Joy Hutchins, and her two companions had noticed that the baby had small bruises on the top of her arms.

Professor Anthony Freemont, speaking on video-link from Manchester, told the jury of rib injuries on the baby's body. He said the fractures on both sides of the body could have been caused by hard squeezing and he estimated they were three to four weeks old. There was no outward sign of bruising on the skin but bones had been broken in both legs.

Isabella's mother, 19-year-old Jessica Wiggins, of Heathfield Road, Redditch, denies two charges of failing to protect her baby.

The father, Tyler Vallance, now 21, of Engadine Road, The Oakalls, Bromsgrove, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and is awaiting sentence.