METHANE bubbles are set alight to make fireballs, liquid nitrogen freezes flowers, hydrogen balloons explode and rockets are fired into the audience.

Stand well back and cover your ears – theatre just got dangerously exciting.

In the Energy Show, which is coming to Bromsgrove's Artrix on July 15 ans 16, two futuristic science students race against time to prove their knowledge of energy.

With help from the incredible virtual lab-assistant, i-nstein, and a steampunk workshop full of gadgets and chemicals, they explore, experiment and explode anything and everything they can find, building to a breath-taking climax as they demonstrate all forms of energy, live on stage, in under five minutes.

The Energy Show is suitable for all ages from 7+ years and is a must-see for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students.

The trailer is available on the Science Museum’s You Tube channel.

Science Museum Live presents The Energy Show on Tuesday, July 15 at 7pm and Wednesday, July 16 at 11am (schools showing) and 7pm.

Tickets for the show cost £15 with special family and group tickets prices available.

For more information or to book, call the box office on 01527 577330 or visit