A BRAVE team of five will sky dive in aid of the charity ASPIRE which supports people with spinal injuries.

The Gardner siblings; David, 17, Mary, 19, and Emma, 22, are raising money for the organisation as their Stepdad Oz suffers from back trauma after he was in a collision with a lorry drive whilst he was riding a motorbike in 1990.

The accident shattered discs, vertebrae and caused nerves to become trapped leaving Oz in agonising pain.

Stepdad Oz said: “I am proud as hell really. It's a credit to how they have had to cope with all the problems and stresses that growing up in a family where someone has a spinal injury brings.

“Spinal injuries affect different sufferers in different ways, I count myself lucky, I am not stuck in a wheel chair and have movement of my lower limbs. However I do struggle with daily life and rely on Morphine to help with pain relief on a daily basis”

The accident made it difficult for Oz to find work so he and his partner Debbie set up a motorbike business called Zed-parts Ltd seven years ago.

Debbie said: Oz certainly doesn't have it easy, yet he has made us proud and through the pain, many operations and medication he has managed to look after his family building his own path and own career.”

Alongside the trio Mary’s partner Kieran Mole, 18, and Emma’s partner Ben Stacy, 27, will also take the plunge.

Oldest sibling Emma said: “They [Aspire] can help them to build their life and help them to get a job. Some people don’t have someone like my mum to help them out.

“We also want to raise awareness, some people don’t even know about Aspire. For me it is the year of doing things I don’t like. Maybe it will help me with my fear of flying.”

Aspire have no statutory funding and relay solely on the generous donations from the people who support them.

So far the team has raised £540 more than 50 per cent of their target.

The jump will take place on Saturday, October 18.

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/takingzedjump or text IOYE50 to give £10 to the cause.

Sponsor forms are also available from the Zed-parts store on Sugarbrook Road.