A PROJECT to celebrate the 75th anniversary of a Bromsgrove school has been completed and now unveiled.

Catshill Middle School, in Meadow Road, began the patchwork quilt project in 2014.

Pupils, teachers, teaching assistants, administration and cleaning staff are represented on the quilt by a 10cm x 10cm square of fabric on which their name is machine embroidered.

All the squares have been sewn together over an eight month period with the final quilt, made up of 352 individual squares, measuring three metres by two and a half metres.

The fabric blocks were sewn together in the colour blocks of red, yellow, blue and green - all of the four school houses.

Although the school house names have changed over the years the central school logo on the quilt has remained the same throughout the 75 years.

On Monday, February 9, the quilt was unveiled at a special assembly which also recognised the hard work of pupils and staff, The event was attended by several guests including Councillor Gordon Witcomb - representing North Marlbrook and Catshill parish council, who donated £300 at the start of the project.

Former pupils also attended the event and were taken on a tour of the school, led by current house captains, to see what they could remember and what had changed.

Julie Pask, from the school, said: "The whole assembly proved to be a lovely occasion as current pupils learnt from their predecessors about the schools past and understood the significance of making the anniversary quilt.

"Our assembly concluded with councillor Witcomb saying a few kind words and unveiling a small plaque to mark the occasion."