WEST Mercia's police and crime commissioner John Campion said Bromsgrove and Redditch communities are already realising the benefits of officer's new body-worn cameras.

The roll-out of the cameras is now nearing completion well ahead of schedule.

Mr Campion said: "This technology plays a big part in my vision for a reformed, reassured and safer West Mercia, and I am pleased to see the positive impact it is having.

"The technology is providing reassurance and giving our communities greater confidence in the police.

"The higher quality of evidence this delivers, provides a higher quality of service for victims and increases the chance of justice being served.

"Worcestershire, Shropshire and Telford are already realising the benefits, with Herefordshire to follow.

"My £1 million investment in body-worn video, along with a number of other changes to technology, exemplifies how I am delivering on the promise I made to our communities to deliver the modern forward-thinking police force that they deserve."

The PCC also described a crackdown on speeding as another 'key priority' this summer.

"I have invested in speed reduction schemes in many areas that have suffered with road safety issues," he said. "Another way of tackling this problem is by empowering people to play a more active role, which is why I've made more kits available for communities to start up community speed watch groups."

Mr Campion said he had attended numerous community events over the summer, during which he had the chance to meet thousands of people.

"A common theme has been how much people value their police officers and want to see more of them in our communities. I'm working hard to deliver this by reforming and modernising the West Mercia force.

"By ensuring the police make better use of technology, we are preventing officers being tied to the office and freeing up significantly more time for them to spend in the communities where they are needed most.

"I hope that those I've spoken to have found it as useful as I have, and I look forward to meeting many more people as we head into the winter and another programme of events for 2018."