A STROKE survivor has successfully completed his challenge of travelling Cornwall alone to help overcome his aphasia, with the support of Bromsgrove's Stroke Association.

Steve Fitter, from Redditch, had a major stroke in June 2013, and he was told he would never walk again.

Used to working long hours as an IT project manager and frequently running, swimming and cycling long distances, Steve’s stroke had a massive impact on his life.

His stroke initially left him with no movement on his right-hand side, although he has now made a good recovery physically.

However, Steve has been left with aphasia, meaning his ability to communicate has been affected.

The 58-year-old set off to travel Cornwall alone in May for 12 weeks across three different camp sites, with the aim of helping him regain his freedom since his stroke.

While there Steve ran at different Park Run locations around Cornwall, as well as cycling with local groups on various routes.

He also visited local landmarks and attractions including Tintagle Castle, Padstow, St Ives, and Kuggar and Lizard Point Heritage Centre.

“It gave me my freedom and made me feel happy,” he said.

Christy Weatherby, from the Stroke Association in Bromsgrove, supported Steve to prepare for the journey.

She said: “We’re so proud of Steve taking on this daunting challenge. It’s clear to see his communication has improved and his confidence has grown through this experience. This trip has marked a huge milestone in his recovery and he is now planning a five month tour around Scotland in a campervan on his own next year.”

Steve added: “Camping was a great experience, but the next trip by campervan will be more comfortable.”