FREDERICK Downes returned to appear before Bromsgrove Petty Sessions on a charge of stealing a pair of boots. The ex-soldier had appeared in court previously, the case adjourned so statements could be verified.

It was established that the prisoner had served 12 years in the Army and had asked to be discharged last June. His character had been described as fair. The chairman said the bench were loath to send a man to jail who had a decent character and he would be discharged.

à MANY residents had complained to the council that Bromsgrove’s three public clocks, at the Post Office, the Town Hall and St John’s Church, were all failing to keep Greenwich time. It was reported that many were irritated to find a 10 minute difference between two of the clocks, with the other half way inbetween, but none displayed the correct time.TheMessenger commented: “Few would begrudge the expenditure of a little money upon a purpose so useful and necessary.”