AT Bromsgrove Petty Sessions Alfred Grizzell, of the Shrubbery, was charged with neglecting to send his two children, Mildred and Jim, to school regularly.

Mr Pritchard, the school attendance officer, stated the case and said that in the last eight weeks Mildred had missed 21 attendances and Jim 35. The mother was called who admitted that she had no control over Jimandhadto bribe him to go to school by giving him coppers.

Alfred was fined 7s 6d for one child and 5s 6d for the other.

à THE coal strike was underway with no resolution between mine owners and miners in sight. The passenger train service had so far not been affected, but Bromsgrove railway station had been informed that a curtailed service would be brought into operation if the strike continued.

Goods traffic had been restricted with the Midland Company saying it would not carry heavy rough goods within a week – as priority would be given to food stuff and livestock.