ORGANISERS of an ambitious attempt to break a world record have thanked everyone that helped make it a huge success.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Bromsgrove Rugby Club held an attempt to break the record for the longest game of rugby ever held.

The game, at the club's home in Finstall Park, Finstall Road, began at 12.15pm on Sunday, August 24, and continued overnight, with the match finishing at 2.15pm on August 25.

Two teams were created especially for the match, with members of the club and two former soldiers taking part in the game, playing on a rotation basis.

The amazing final score was Bromsgrove Boars 1,326, Bromsgrove Barbarians 1,229.

To set the new world record the match needed to last a minimum of 24 hours and 52 minutes.

With the match going over this, lasting a staggering 26 hours, organisers hope it will be recognised as the record.

Evidence from the game, including video footage and written statements, is being gathered from official witnesses and referees reports.

This is being examined by Guinness World Record officials who will make a decision, expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

The match was organised to raise money for the Scotty's Little Soldiers charity, which works to support the children of men and women killed in action while serving in the armed forces.

Although money is still being collected it has been estimated around £30,000 has been raised for the charity.

Organiser Ian Riley said: "It is a bit premature to celebrate (breaking the record) as Guinness World Records officials need to look at the evidence and will ratify it.

"We thought perhaps we could raise around £20,000.

“We give a heartfelt thanks to all of the players, support staff, volunteers, match officials for their time, efforts and support - we are truly humbled.

"I particularly want to thank my fellow organiser Ben Copson, sponsors and everyone who has given a generous donation."

There is still time to make a donation by visiting