DROITWICH welterweight boxer Michael ‘Buller’ Pardoe lost his ABAE Senior Championship quarter-final bout on Sunday after a plucky and gallant display.

Boxing the Army’s Derek Allen at Scunthorpe, the bout could have gone either way after two hard rounds, but Allen put in a scintillating final round to take the decision.

Pardoe, 25, who is a member of Droitwich Amateur Boxing Club, had seen his training leading up to this bout adversely affected by a virus and never got into his stride in the way he had when winning the Midlands title.

He found the mark with powerful body shots when in close, but his attacks were sporadic rather than the sustained pressure that could have swung it his way.

“I am confident Michael could have won this bout if he had been fully fit,” said coach Chris Andrews.

“Allen was stocky but did not seem to have the inside skills I was expecting, and Buller looked to have the beating of him when in close.

“But following the virus, there was little left in the engine for the vital third and final round, and although he battled gamefully throughout, the spark was just not there. But no one can take away his achievement in reaching this stage of the Championships, or fault his effort and courage.”